About Art With Erika

Erika’s diverse art journey influences many of the themes and characters in her work, including musical theater, cake decorating, costume design, and writing, to name a few. She has a strong love of animals, afternoon tea, flowers, and anything sparkly and cute. Although she dabbles in many traditional and digital art mediums, her favorites are ink and watercolor. 

A self-taught artist, she has been drawing and writing off and on since she could pick up a pencil. She has a BA in Fashion Design with an emphasis on Couture Costume Design from the Art Institute in San Francisco, California. After a decade long dry-spell, Erika is diving back into her whimsical watercolor pond so she can share her experiences and creations with all of you. 

Art With Erika is the name of Erika’s online presence and art store. She works out of her tiny home office and handles all of the photographing, editing, printing, ordering, and shipping herself so that she can deliver a high quality and beautiful product to everyone.

She is based in the Bay Area, California, and lives with her love, Nicholas, and the cutest little kitty cat in the whole wide world, Ody (short for Odysseus – because she thinks epic animal names are simply the best)

Art With Erika Artist Erika Robertson profile picture